Are you looking for a reliable commercial painting contractor to make your business look its best while minimizing inconvenience for your customers? If you hire a reliable painting contractor you may be asking what qualities to look for in a painter. If you want long lasting and consistent high quality results for your paintings you need to hire an experienced painting contractor, but finding a reliable painting contractor can be difficult, expensive and time consuming.

Morris County Commercial Painting | Tips For Finding A Reliable Painting Contractor

1.     Referencing

You can find out who the company has worked with in the past from the painting contractors website. But you should insist on getting a list of references of clients who the company has done work for in the past, that can give you a review on the standard and quality of the painting contractors work. Reviews are the most reliable way to find out about a painting company’s work ethic and what to expect in the future

2.     Certifications and Accreditations

Professional organizations can help define the quality of work a company can provide. Look for accreditations that range from industry-specific accreditations like the Painting and Decorating Association (PDA) to health and safety programs like the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Program (CHAS) and general management practice accreditations like the internationally recognized standard ISO quality standards.

3.     Insurance and Licensing Requirements

At first glance, insurance may not seem like a big deal when hiring a commercial painter. However, it becomes essential when anything goes wrong during the job, such as a 20-foot ladder colliding with the client’s vehicle or one of the painters falling down a 30 foot scaffolding it is necessary. Damages that may occur during the painting project should be covered by insurance. Similarly, workers compensation insurance covers any injuries that the painting crew may be exposed to while on the job and workers compensation insurance protects them.

In addition to insurance make sure the painting company you choose has the proper licenses for the type of work you have in mind. The two most common certifications are commercial painting certification and residential painting certification. Also, some licenses are used only for common tasks while others are used only for significant works. Before hiring a painter make sure the painter has the necessary licenses for the type of painting and scope of work.

4.     Reviews and Reputation Online

Remember checking reviews of products you have bought in the past, now it’s time to do that again. If a company has been around for a long time, they already have a history and a proven track record. Find reviews ratings and reviews on social media platforms. You shouldn’t expect 100 percent 5-star ratings and all positive reviews but disproportionately large amount of bad reviews, negative feedback, and unsolved concerns should raise red flags.

5.     Experience in Commercial Painting in Morris County

How long has the artist been in business? Years of painting experience do not always indicate the artists dependability in his work. However, if they have been in business for many years, have good customer reviews and a good reputation in the community they are generally well known in their field and you should consider hiring them. Years of experience mean painters can design and paint your commercial property effectively in a way that minimizes disruption to your business.


When it comes to choosing the right commercial painting contractor for commercial painting and decorating services, it may seem like a simple choice that is completely influenced by the prices offered. While price is the main factor in your choice there are many other factors to consider.

Are You Looking for an Experienced and Reputable Contractor for Residential Painting in the Morris County, New Jersey Area?

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