When it comes to regrets, two-thirds of homeowners who attempted DIY home improvements wish they had not started. Painting tops the list of regrettable projects, followed by tile and hardwood floor installation.  If you’re like most homeowners, the first hint of spring brings with it the urge to refresh your living space.  A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a dingy, tired-looking rooms.


Why it’s Better to Hire a Professional for Interior Painting Services


  1. Professional Painters Have More Experience

Whether you paint the entire home or one room, there’s nothing that compares to fresh paint color.  An excellent paint job can make a room look brand new.  A sub-par job makes you want to close the door to avoid the pain of off-colored streaky walls, obvious paint drips, and paint bleeds on trim.  The difference between a DIY homeowner and a professional painting service is stunning.  Professionals spend years mastering their craft and perfecting wall preparation.  An experienced painter has handled just about every type of wall condition.  They’re highly skilled in their art, and it shows in the finished product.


  1. Prep Work Required

If you’ve painted even one room in your home, you know how much work takes place before you make that first brush stroke.  Do you really want to spend several hours prepping the walls?  Don’t forget about pulling up your area rugs and moving furniture.  You need to clean the walls, patch any holes, and deal with that spot on the ceiling where water leaked last spring.  NJ Pro Painters know how vital it is to prepare the painting surface.  They’ll take the appropriate time to clean, and prep. NJ Pro Painters don’t just prep for the job.  They clean up afterward.


  1. Painters Are the Color Specialists

When you’ve set your sights on your favorite paint manufacturer’s color of the year, you run the risk of selecting the wrong shade for your home.  Perhaps you didn’t realize the color you fell in love with makes the room feel claustrophobic when you are enveloped in it.  People who choose painting as a career have a fascination with color.  Painters don’t mind offering tips on the best colors based on your preferences and lifestyle. If you want to go with a whole new color palette, they know how to help their clients choose complementary rather than clashing colors.


  1. They Know Their Paint Products

When was the last time you stood in the paint aisle at the hardware store feeling overwhelmed by the different types of paint?  Labels that explain nothing about the product inside.  Confusing terminology like low-VOCs and no-VOCs.  If you don’t know you’re supposed to use specific paint types in your bathroom and kitchen, you could go home with a paint that attracts rather than resists mold.  Selecting the right paint for pets or children requires high traffic resistant finishes.  Your professional painting team will help you select the best paint for each room in your home.  You’ll end up with the best finishes, which means cleaning up after a certain pet won’t be such a chore.


  1. Professionals Bring the Right Tools

The average homeowner may have a few paintbrushes in the garage, and they might even have a decent roller and paint tray.  What most people don’t have are the best brushes and rollers for a certain type of paint.   Your NJ Pro Painter knows which tools to use to get the best wall color.  High-quality drop cloths are essential if you want to protect your floors and any furniture pieces too heavy to move.  Contractors who specialize in residential house painting bring the right tools and know-how to use each one.  Additionally, they own the tools, meaning you won’t need to invest any money in tools you would only use once.


  1. The Gift of Time

It’s not unusual to underestimate how much time a painting project will take when you are working alone.  You planned for a Saturday afternoon, but the last project you took on went through to the following weekend.  Maybe you didn’t realize how much prep work you needed.  Maybe you didn’t realize corners and trim and ceilings take more time than walls to paint.   What took you over a week, your painting team can finish in a day or two. NJ Pro Painters have their systems down pat so that they maximize their time.  It allows them to finish the project within the predicted time.  Furthermore, they won’t leave touch-ups or other loose ends for you to complete.


  1. Painters and Insurance

We’ve all heard the rare stories about contractors who damaged a home or hurt themselves on the job.  What shouldn’t happen is for the homeowner to lose sleep over a job not done right or a potential lawsuit because a painter tripped on the stairs.  A professional contractor carries liability insurance.  Their insurance will cover any costs associated with safety incidents or injuries that occur in your home.  Moreover, their insurance typically also covers added costs to correct issues of quality or damages to your home.


Why it’s Better to Hire a Professional for Interior Painting Services

There are multiple advantages to hiring professional painters.  Whether you value the experience they bring, the time they can save you, or the peace of mind they allow you to experience due to a job done well, it’s worth the investment.


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