Every room in my father’s house was painted by my brothers and me as children.  In fact, at barbeques my father would brag that the only reason he had kids was so he could drink a beer and watch us work around the house.  Our hearts were not in it.  My father was willing to put up with drips and weird drying textured patterns on his walls.  The colors he selected were harsh.  He was color blind and wore the thickest glasses that could be made, so he might not have noticed that our painting was less than perfect.  Today, if I want a room painted, I hire a professional.

Hire a Professional

House painting is so much better when done by a professional painter.  Their expert advice cuts down on waste from buying the wrong or too many supplies.  Quality workmanship elevates the room’s design and saves money buying the right amount of paint for each project.  Surface preparation including repairing, sanding, caulking, and applying primer before painting is essential to durability and longevity.

Professional painters have the right equipment and technical skill to do the job right.   They can advise colors, trends, finishes, and ensure that the right scheme goes into the right room for long lasting color.  Safety precautions need to be taken from start to finish to prevent hazardous atmosphere in the rooms painted.

Do it yourself

Do it yourself (DIY) paint jobs can be sloppy and shabby.  Often DIY paint jobs need to be redone every 2 years because the wrong finish or type of paint was used.  Kitchen and bathrooms need different paint than bedrooms and living rooms.  DIY painters often cut corners during the wall and ceiling preparation which makes the paint flake or peel.  Using the wrong equipment will damage the surfaces and the paint may not adhere properly.  DIY must spend more money buying the tools needed.

Contact us 

With one simple call to NJ Pro Painters, you could put your mind and body at ease and hire our highly professional house painters to meticulously inspect, prep, repair and protect all your home’s surfaces before we begin painting to ensure your house paint job stands the test of time.