Painting the interior of your home in winter avoids the high heat and humidity of summer.  Because there is less humidity, the paint dries faster.  According to a survey done by the real estate website Zillow, 40 percent of homeowners plan to remodel their homes this winter.  Since exterior projects are limited by weather and daylight, the contactors’ availability is greater in winter for interior painting.  Interior painting in winter is affected by odor, ventilation, and heat.



The seasoning and adherence of the paint is more effective in winter.  Check with the store where you purchase your painting supplies to ask for a low odor or non-VOC paint that does not give off toxic fumes.  These paint products are high quality, green products, and environmentally friendly.   Low odor has grown in popularity so most major brands offer them.



Be sure to place a fan in the center of the room to circulate the air throughout the room and to dissipate the paint fumes.  If you have ceiling fans, turn them on.  Most professional painters use a dehumidifier to help draw the moisture out of the air while the walls are drying.  Keep the air circulating and dehumidifying for at least 4 hours after painting to aid in the drying process.  Opening a window is always an option to help with the ventilation.  Winter air is usually less humid, so the paint dries more effectively and quickly.   Portable dehumidifiers can be purchased at hardware stores for under $100 dollars.



Exterior walls are typically cooler to the touch than interior walls and will take a bit longer to dry.  Turn up the heat to a level slightly higher than normal for several hours before you start painting.  As the paint dries the odor will subside so setting the conditions for quick drying is important.  Be sure to maintain the temperature in the room over 60 degrees so the paint has the best opportunity to dry evenly.  Opening the windows may raise the heat bill a day or two, a marginal amount, but it is worth donning a sweater to improve ventilation during the first four hours after the paint is applied.


Winter Blues 

Winter blues, also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a type of depression.  Winter blues are triggered by the change of seasons, and decreased daylight from shortened days.  Symptoms include feelings of sadness, lack of energy, loss of interest in usual activities, oversleeping, and weight gain.  Transforming your interior space into a warm, inviting environment is easily accomplished by interior painting.  Interior painting is cost-effective and profitable as the value of the room is improved.


Winter colors

Let’s face it.  New Jersey is grey more than it is blue and sunny.  Decorate the interior of your home to be warm and inviting as you enter from the gloomy outdoors.   A rich shade of burgundy enhances wintery looks since many of the flowers and berries like dahlias, juniper and cranberry, bloom in this hue.  Pair a deep forest green with soft salmon red or combine rich burgundy with mellow sage green to hint at holiday hues.  Then layer in neutrals like white, gray, and soothing wood tones to further calm the festive palette.  Perfect for dining rooms and sitting rooms.

Rich jewel tones, such as turquoise, ruby red, and magenta, can instantly make a room feel warm and intimate.  Use plush textures, such as velvet and chenille, to bump up the warmth in a dark winter color scheme. Then bring in other cozy accessories like candles, shag rugs, and textured blankets to enhance the cozy feel.  Ideal for offices and studies.

Draw inspiration from the arctic weather outside and embrace icy hues in your decor. Snow white, powder blue, and cool gray create a fulsome mood that gives your home a crisp, polished look. These cold-weather colors form an elegant palette that’s ideal in bedrooms, dining rooms, and formal living spaces.



Productive paints use Sherman Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Duron paint brands.  Our Master Painters can custom match tone and texture.  Productive Painters offer low odor paints for breathing sensitive people.  We use several application techniques: spray, roller, and hand brushing with appropriate taping and protection of your belongings.  Our expertise and attention to professional quality work make NJ Pro Painters your best choice for winter interior painting.


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